Comp Perf Home Page

What the customer wanted:

We worked with our client to develop a website, that allows users to purchase tickets to enter competitions and win prizes, including processing payments and printing of winner certifications. The customer wanted a custom built solution to avoid paying monthly fees for plugins that would be needed on WordPress etc.

How we did it:

We utilised React and Go Technologies, including Amazon Web Services for secure server hosting. Due to the nature of the project and importance of reliability and uptime, especially during peak time, we also arranged for the project to utilise load balancing and setup 24/7 system monitoring. We also integrated with additional payment integration technologies as the project developed to enable our client to reach more of their target market and audience.

What the Project Involved:

The website allowed registering and logging in of users, securely storing passwords and emails. Logged in users could change their account details, track orders, spend reward points and see site wide promotion messages. The tickets were assigned randomly between 0 and maximum number of tickets per competition using random number generation, and then displaying them to the user allowing them to check if they had won. The website also granted reward points based on value spent and allowed the user to spend the points on coupons and free tickets.

The website integrated with Stripe for payments, allowing coupons and the acceptance of multiple payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The website also used an administration panel, allowing admins to add new competitions, new category competitions, modify current competitions, adjust highlighted/suggested competitions, print winner certificates, manage coupons and rewards and send promotional messages to all users.

The operator assigned the admin role, while the user role was granted to anyone who signed up, providing them with user permissions. The level of access for any user could be modified and the admin role could be assigned by other administrators.

Outcomes Achieved:

Completed a full ecommerce competition website, with user creation, custom basket allowing customers to choose their competition, payment processing and order fulfilment.